Certified translation:

We employ efficient and highly qualified staff of translators, revisers and proofreaders with high linguistic experience including university professors and PHD holders in field of translation services from Arabic language into other languages and vice versa, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese …. etc., in addition to Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Turkish and Persian …. In this respect, we handle translating written materials such as: documents, notes, reports, researches, studies, articles, books, newspapers, contracts, academic certificates … etc. Translation services provided by SMART are distinguished by high quality, fast with reasonable fees for integrated translation service level since translation is performed at the highest level as translation is always revised by one of our experienced revisers and then proofreaded. As for translation into Arabic, translation is revised by a specialized editor with a high level of culture and knowledge of Arabic language sciences for accuracy. However, other languages are revised by proofreaders.



SMART interpretation service provides high quality interpreting services to help with communications between professionals (doctors, nurses and other health professionals) and patients, families and careers who are unable to communicate using English. We provide interpretation services for over 40 languages. For languages that are not available locally, we can arrange a telephone interpreting service which covers 150 languages.


Website and Softwares Localization

Translation & localization of websites are performed not only by transferring words, but also in an integrated manner by transferring the text in a manner addressing the targeted customer of the website with transferring the pages including graphics and drawings through using html or flash and also content system management such as typo3.



All of our proofreading work is carried out in the strictest confidence. All content remains within the confines of our company and will not be released to anyone apart from yourself. Non-disclosure agreements are welcome, if the content of your document is of a highly sensitive nature.

We promise a friendly and personal service, tailored to your individual requirements. If it's an urgent proofreading job we'll make sure that you do not miss your deadline. If you need to develop your text, we will offer our editing advice based on many years of experience. If you need copy writing, we will help. In short, we will do our utmost to make sure that you receive an exemplary proofreading, editing or business writing service.


Desktop Publishing

SMART desktop publishing service can create a professional and polished image for your documents, just by enhancing their visual appeal. Revising something as simple as the font colors or layout of a document can make the difference in the level of attention and interest your publications receive.


Why use SMART desktop publishing services?

SMART desktop publisher uses the latest industry software tools to design visual materials that help you sell your product or service, inform your customers, or motivate your staff. Our desktop publishers focus on the visual aspects of a document such as page layout, format, design styles, font types, and colors. Whether creating a brochure, manual, or annual report, a SMART desktop publisher has the tools and the "know-how" to publish your materials creatively and effectively.

We use the latest versions of the most common typesetting and graphics packages, such as QuarkXpress, FrameMaker and Illustrator to produce localized origination artwork, PDF, graphics files and Postscript files ready for print.


Websites Design Services:

SMART provides websites design services whether the static or active websites conforming to the latest techniques in design and programming for achieving the best communication with the customers through a unique design gathering simplicity, distinctness and independence stemming from the activity, culture and philosophy of the corporation for which we perform the design, taking into consideration when designing the website the possibility of modifying it later on with addition or deletion on basis of processing pictures and design in a manner for faster and easier browsing conforming to search engines so as to be easily archived and appear in advanced positions in research results. SMART designs and application work efficiently on all browsers.


Websites Hosting & Development and Domain:

One of the most prominent seicrves provided by SMART is websites hosting & development and domain registration on advanced servers.


E-marketing services:

It is a service provided by SMART for conducting a marketing study of your product and activating this study in an electronic manner through the available methods of SMS, e-mail or mobile messages. SMART provides you periodically with the performed of the campaign around the clock.