FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer? SMART offers services of certified translation for all public organizations and embassies in Egypt & abroad in a wide range of language combinations and in a wide variety of subjects-desktop publishing, interpreting, website & software localization, editing & proofreading. How are your services priced? You can contact us by telephone or e-mail sent to the competent department for the required service and we will send you a quote during 24 hours at most. How long does a translation take? We work with a high qualified staff. This helps us to handle and accomplish projects in a timely manner. Deadline is determined depending on the project nature. Do you offer rush service? Yes. Kindly contact us at (002) 010 3764587, and we will speed up the process. You will receive a deadline from us for every project. There are no additional charges for rush service.  How do I send you the source material? We can receive the source material via fax, post, or electronic mail of the competent department at: smart@smart96.net or alaasror2000@yahoo.com Do you offer certified translations? Yes. We offer certified translations from and to almost any language in all embassies which accept the translation into English such as the Embassies of Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, China, Norway, Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey, Korea, KSA & UAE... etc as well as TLS contact Center. All our translations are approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and hence can be approved by all official authorities abroad. Do you provide service of documents approval in public authorities and embassies? Yes, you can depend on SMART for approval of your documents. When do I pay for my service? You pay 50% of service fees at time of project contract and the remaining shall be after the project has been completed. Upon completion and receipt of your translation, we send you an invoice. Can you handle highly confidential material? Absolutely. We handle private and confidential material every day. How will you send the translated material back to me? We usually send the translated documents by e-mail. We can also fax you the documents or send them via FTP, on a CD-ROM, floppy disk or in hard copy by snail mail, messenger or Fedex – whatever you prefer. What do you charge? Our rates depend on the type and size of the project. Please contact us with the details of your project and we will be happy to give you a specific price quote. How do you calculate a "unit" of translation? One unit equals 250 words in the target language. This applies to all languages except the following: For German, Bulgarian, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian, the calculation is based on 1500 characters. For some East-Asian languages (such as Korean), the calculation is based on 250 words in the source material. The unit size, 250 words, is accepted in the translation industry worldwide. It equals about 15 lines of text in Times New Roman font, letter size 12.

I have a short text to translate, only 100 words, how much will it cost? Our minimum fee is for one unit. Any text less than 250 words is considered one unit. Do I have to pay for a quote? No, quotes are free! I need a translation from/into a language not mentioned on your Web-site. Can you help? Most likely. We offer translation in almost any language. Why I need to create a website? In order to be able to overcome communication barriers. Why I need to translate my website to more than one language? In order to reach with your product to a broad customer base in Egypt and abroad. What languages to which I have to translate my website? You should determine such languages according to your targeted customer and we are able to accomplish this task effectively. What is the deadline of website final delivery? As for the statistic website, from three to seven days, but for active websites, this depends on the size or required tasks. What I need in my website? Your website design should be unique gathering simplicity, distinctness and independence stemming from the activity, culture and philosophy of your incorporation. What are other elements of SMART uniqueness in field of websites design? SMART takes into consideration when designing the website the possibility of modifying it later on with addition or deletion on basis of processing pictures and design in a manner for faster and easier browsing conforming to search engines so as to be easily archived in search engines. SMART designs and applications work efficiently on all browsers. What can I do if I admire a website design? Our aim is converting your vision into a concrete manner. Hence, we exert our best effort to provide you with more than one design to choose the most appropriate for you. What is the used technology and advantages? HTML techniques

 So as to make the website clean and hence it appears in advanced positions in results of search engines. Advantages: CSS ASP.NET safe, stronger and more secure.
What is meant by “E-Marketing”?
It is a service provided by SMART for conducting a marketing study of your product and activating this study in an electronic manner through the available methods of SMS, e-mail or mobile messages.
What is the method of following up the marketing campaign made by SMART?
SMART provides you with periodical and the performed of the campaign around the clock.
Do you provide a technical support?
Yes, 24 hours.
Because we provide a package of various complementary services under one ceiling.
I have a question that is not answered here.
If you have additional questions feel free to e-mail us at (smart@smart96.net) or give us a call (+2 010 37 64 587). We look forward to hearing from you.